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Brand Story

 At first, it was just a joke when three young men was talking about setting up their own business with a bottle of pickled cabbage. No one knows that one day it has dramatically became true and the three young men started to show the world their idea of food by bottles of pickled cabbage.


     In 1975, Shie Fa store was established by Wu Rui Shang, grandfather of one of the three young men. The store was initially engaging in wholesaling beverages. As time went by, the founder has getting older and older, the business has stop for a long time until his grandson, Wu Hsuan restart Shie Fa store with pickled cabbage. They inherit the founder’s spirit, insisting on being honest.


     We use natural material to make our product instead of chemical additives. We hope that we could spread the new thoughts to people through the product that we make. We believe that the taste of original food is always the best.